Endless Adventure Awaits!

Dawnshade is a cooperative adventure RPG board game that can be best described as a modern interpretation of old school JRPG's like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Star Ocean. In Dawnshade, you take on the role of a race called the Petarukin. You have been tasked by the High Elders of your village to form a Kinship to defeat the threats facing not just your village, but all of Dawnshade. The objective of the game is to defeat one of these major threats and restore balance to the land. You and your Kinship will face many challenges along the way which will allow you to gain experience and earn rewards to level up your character and prepare for the final battle. Dawnshade needs heroes! Unfortunately all they have is you!! May The Watchers guide you on your path to victory...or bring comfort in your defeat.

Game Mechanics

Game mechanics include exploration, worker placement, tile laying, chip collecting and dice rolling and mitigation. There are even some cool dexterity elements using Dawnshade's awesome chips! These mechanics are woven together with a rich 'choose your own adventure' style narrative.

We mean ENDLESS adventure

You will never play the same adventure twice. Your quest deck is made up of randomized quest tiles with multiple branching paths on each tile. The base game has 34,220 quest combinations (yes we did the math) with more quests that will be offered as stretch goals during the Kickstarter campaign and as part of future expansions. Dawnshade plays solo-5 players and takes between 1-2.5 hrs. to complete a full game depending on player count. Dawnshade also has a campaign mode consisting of 3 full games separated into 3 'Chapters'.

Premium Components

Dawnshade includes richly detailed full color printed 19mm dice and 1.5” poker style chips, Each character has their own character mat which includes recessed docks for stat dials and ability dice. Great care has been taken to ensure the design, quality and durability of each game component so it can be enjoyed each time it is brought to the table for years to come.

Get Notified

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From our Kinship to yours,

The Dawnshade Team

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Dawnshade is a Coop Adventure RPG Board game by Highborne Games. We will be launching on Kickstarter in 2019. Stay tuned for details.